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Toca Life: Hospital is probably the most recent app game created by Toca Boca. This game is rated to be appropriate for 6-8 year olds. I must say, I agree with this rating. My 6 year old can play this game, but she still has difficulty using it. She will need some help. The game is all about taking care of the patients and making them happy.


In this game, you treat various patients and patients with a variety of illnesses and injuries, operate on them, help them recover, and say goodbye to them.

The game has a variety of facilities, including an examination room, a treatment room, a recovery room, a nursery, a farewell room, a cafe, a waiting room, a reception room, a secret laboratory, an elevator, a garage, a heliport, a garden, a room for newborns, a hospital entrance, a mall, a café and a basement.


The game has 2D graphics, however, they are fancy, colorful and good-looking. Watching the characters, you can feel the emotions they are feeling. The developers have done a good job with the graphics.


This game can provide you with a lot of interesting and engaging stories, it has a lot of content, so you'll never get bored of it. I would say it has really good replayability.


The game doesn't need any complicated controls and all interactions are done by tapping things on the screen. When tapping any object on the screen, you will see a little bubble appearing. In this bubble, you can see the action that you can perform with the selected object. You can tap on an object twice to make the bubble disappear.


This game is one of the most interesting games I've ever played. I think this game is really good. I really like it. I recommend it to all people who are interested in simulation games.

I liked the graphics of this game, they are really good. I liked the gameplay, it is very interesting and engaging. I liked the controls of this game, they are pretty simple.


  • The game gives you the opportunity to become a doctor
  • Cute graphics
  • You can manage your hospital
  • You can play different roles in your hospital.


  • This game requires an internet connection
  • The game is a little bit too complicated for kids.


Toca Life: Hospital