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Crafted by RobTop Games, Geometry Dash offers an engrossing and straightforward gaming experience that has captivated players. While you can obtain it at no cost from the Google Store, it's available for purchase on the Apple application store and is priced at $1.99. Having been downloaded over 6 million times, this enthralling game presents players with a traditional mode alongside an innovative mode that debuted in December 2014.


In traditional gameplay, there are three tiers of difficulty. Novices might find solace in the least difficult tier, while intermediate gamers may gravitate towards the moderately challenging middle tier, and experienced players will encounter a significant increase in challenge at the most difficult tier. Conversely, the updated gameplay mode expands the challenge across nine diverse tiers, capped off with a formidable boss tier for an ultimate test of skill.

Commencing the journey in the new mode presents an accessible challenge, yet as one progresses, the difficulty escalates sharply. Players must navigate through numerous obstacles, among which portals of varying colors are prevalent. The green portals pose the least resistance, followed by the red portals which demand more dexterity, and ultimately, the blue portals test players with the sternest challenge. As for the barriers that players will encounter, they range from vertically oscillating blocks and switchable cubes to mobile blocks and erratic bouncing blocks, all designed to add layers of complexity to the gameplay experience.


The visual design of Geometry Dash captivates with its minimalist yet mesmerizing aesthetic. The creators have ingeniously woven geometric figures into the core of the gameplay, resulting in an experience that is straightforward, stylish, and thoroughly enjoyable. The game's allure is further amplified by a vivid and captivating array of colors.


Geometry Dash presents itself as a straightforward, no-frills game centered around rhythmic screen tapping to propel a character—a geometric ball—into the air and invoke gravity reversals. Players navigate through a series of shifting hazards with the goal of snatching up coins, which serve as currency for unlocking diverse characters. Crafted for brief gaming sessions, its simplicity belies a tendency toward monotony due to repetitive gameplay mechanics. Lacking a finite conclusion, it perpetually loops, demanding players to consistently hone their skills against an ever-escalating difficulty curve.


Controls in Geometry Dash may initially seem intuitive and simple to become accustomed to, yet achieving mastery over them is a significantly more challenging feat. While acclimating to the control scheme doesn't present much difficulty, dedicating time to perfect your skills is necessary. Gamers possess the versatility to traverse the virtual realm by means of a keypad, controller, or tactile screen interaction.


Geometry Dash delivers an enticing gameplay adventure, yet its allure might diminish sooner than expected. If your quest involves a straightforward distraction to fill fleeting moments of leisure, then Geometry Dash is an ideal choice. However, if your preference leans towards games that captivate for extended periods, Geometry Dash might not suit your tastes. Nevertheless, considering its affordability, it's worth purchasing if you're inclined to give it a try.


  • Easy to learn
  • Many levels
  • Easy to play
  • Simple graphics.


  • Difficult to master
  • Not very interesting after a while.


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