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Minecraft is a game of survival in a 3D world. You begin with nothing but your bare hands, you must gather resources to build your world, mine deep underground to find rare materials, create armor and weapons to defend yourself, and forge friendships with people from all around the world. It is a game that I have had for a long time, and I have sunk hundreds of hours into it.


Minecraft is a sandbox game where the whole world consists of blocks you can interact with. You can take them to your inventory, place them in other places, burn them or use them to craft other blocks and tools. The game has an open world so you don't really have to complete any tasks. However, it still has a progression tree with different challenges you can try to accomplish if you choose to.


The graphics of Minecraft are quite pixelated to reduce the load the game puts onto your CPU. However, it gives the game its own vibe, and this is what the game is famous for.


Naturally, Minecraft is a sandbox phenomenon, which results in impressive replayability. What makes this possible? Minecraft's world is infinite and subject to random generation. This fundamental feature opens up an extensive canvas for sparking bespoke adventures, each time as unique as the creator. The game comes loaded with a plethora of modifiable elements, allowing you to tweak the escapade to your liking, amplifying personalization. Solo and cooperative play modes enrich the gaming experience even further. Mirroring reality, Minecraft places the cap of potentiality in your visionary prowess. The game's only boundary is the edge of your creative universe.


The game most likely won't lag, unless you use shaders of very high quality, or use a very big modpack. Minecraft is not perfect and sometimes bugs occur, but it happens rarely and doesn't have that big influence on your gameplay. The key bindings are also simple and don't have any complicated combinations.


Minecraft is a game with a big sense of freedom. It doesn't make you do anything, but it gives you the possibility to do anything. It is a game for everyone who likes to play games, create something, and make their own adventures.


  • Creative freedom;
  • A whole world to explore;
  • Multiplayer mode;
  • A lot of different maps are created by other players.


  • A little bit pricey;
  • It's too addictive.


Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft
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