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Star Trek™ Fleet Command is a mobile game created by the folks at UBM Game Network Inc. It's an online multiplayer game where you can build your own Star Trek™ fleet and challenge your friends in combat. The game is free to play, but if you want to unlock all of the game/app content (ships, crew, etc.) then you'll have to purchase one of the game's five in-game currencies.


In this game, you will have to lead your fleet to victory in a star system against enemy fleets. As the captain of the fleet, you control all aspects of your fleet, including ship-to-ship combat, exploration, and resource management. You can play Star Trek™ Fleet Command both in the single-player mode and in the multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, you can play in a campaign mode where you play a series of missions and in a sandbox mode where you can play in a sandbox environment. In multiplayer mode, you can play against other players in a battle arena or against other players in a cooperative mode.


Star Trek™ Fleet Command graphics are quite simple. The gameplay itself is not full of action, so the game doesn't need complicated graphics. The developers managed to make a nice game with simple graphics, that are good enough for the game.


Star Trek™ Fleet Command replayability is good enough. The game has a lot of content and it is enough for it to be played for a long time. It has a lot of different options and you can play it for a long time. You can play it either by yourself or with friends and you can play it either in a competitive or a cooperative way.


The game doesn't have much action, and, therefore, doesn't have any complicated controls. Players only have to choose a ship and a tactic, and then deploy it on a map of a given sector of a galaxy. It's a strategy, not an action game.


Star Trek™ Fleet Command is a good game for fans of Star Trek. It has a lot of content and it's a good time-killer. It's not a very action-packed game, but it has a lot of options and it will keep you and your friends entertained for a long time.


  • Free
  • Good graphics
  • Nice concept.


  • Very hard to get free stars.


Star Trek™ Fleet Command Star Trek™ Fleet Command
Star Trek™ Fleet Command
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