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Mahjong Free is a simple, no-frills, one-player mahjong game. The game can be played in landscape or portrait mode, but it's designed for the iPhone 6/6+ screen, so it's hard to play in portrait mode. There are just three modes of play: classic, challenge, and marathon. 


Classic mode allows you to play one of several preset mahjong tile layouts. The layouts are varied enough to be interesting, but it's not very helpful if you want to play a specific layout that you created. Challenge mode puts you in a specific layout with one minute on the clock. Your goal is to clear all the tiles in that time period. Marathon mode allows you to play an endless game in which you must clear all the tiles before they are stacked to the top of the screen.


Graphics are simple, as expected from a tabletop game. Mahjong Free doesn't need any advanced graphics, it is fine with simple graphics. It is a classic 2D mahjong game, so it is not a problem to have classic 2D graphics.


It is a simple tabletop game, which means it is a good time-killer. You could play a round of mahjong any time you get bored and you won't stay bored. However, you wouldn’t usually use this game as the first option, unless you’re a fan of tabletop games.


The game doesn't need any controllers. It can be played using the touch screen of mobile phones and tablets. Performance is also good, for obvious reasons. The game can be started with just one tap. The game is really easy to play.


It is a classic tabletop mahjong game. The classic mahjong gameplay can keep you entertained for a long time. It is a fun game you can get for free. Try it if you have a spare minute and want to kill some time.



  • It is free and easy to play
  • It is a fun and challenging game and you can play it with your friends and family
  • It can help people to train their memory, logic and strategy
  • You can play Mahjong in your spare time.


  • There are some ads (banner and interstitial) in Mahjong Free game.


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