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Hello Neighbor is a game where you play as a kid trying to find out what secret his neighbor hides in his basement. The neighbor is controlled by a well-made AI that learns from your actions and places traps around the house in the best way to prevent you from getting in. During the game you will collect various items and skills that will help you explore the house and deal with traps. The game is really fun to play and there are some nice puzzles too.


In this game, you have to get in your neighbor's basement while avoiding him and also different traps and alarms he placed around the house. The neighbor is controlled by a smart AI, so each time you fail, the neighbor will remember the route you took in the previous attempt and he's going to make sure this route won't work again. So you have to be innovative and original in your route choice and try to not be caught again. You can use different objects and tools to help you get through the traps.


The game has a really good level design, so while it looks childish and cartoonish at a first glance, the design and weird proportions of things in the neighbor's house are gonna give you a spooky feeling. I like the atmosphere and you will like it too.


The game itself is quite fun, but I wouldn't say it has good replayability, because once you figure out the mystery that lies in the basement, the further replays of the game aren't going to be that interesting. I would say it has average replayability, because outsmarting the AI is still fun.


The game sometimes gets buggy, but it isn't too bad. Controls are simple and easy to learn. You can use WASD to move, Space to jump, Shift to run, Q to crouch, E to use your phone, and your mouse to move the camera. It is easy for me to memorize the controls in this game.


The game is fun, but it has average replayability. Also it has cool level design, but the graphics are childish. So if you like scary games (that are not that scary) with good level design, this game is for you.


  • Smart AI
  • A lot of different ways to play. You can do almost everything you want to do
  • Good soundtrack.


  • The game is not free
  • Not so good replayability.


Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
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