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Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games is a free-to-play game, with the option of making in-app purchases. This review will be focusing on the free-to-play aspect of the game.

What I loved about Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games is that it is a very easy to play app. It was very easy to find the games and get into them without any sort of confusion. I also loved that there were so many different games to play. I loved that there was the traditional Bingo game, but then there were also the classic slots and the coin games. 


In this game, you can choose between lots of bingo and other tabletop games to play by yourself or with your friends. You can win points and use them to buy new outfits for your avatar.


This game doesn't have detailed graphics and it doesn't need to. It's about tabletop games so the graphics are very simple, yet, they are still very colorful and nice. The same goes for the music - it's very pleasant, not annoying at all. It's something everyone loves - it's fun to play. I would love to have more bingo games like this. 


It is a great collection of games and it is going to take a long time to play all of them. So I would say, this game has pretty decent replayability. You can always come back and play it again and again.


The game doesn't have any complicated controls. Most of the games here are played by simply tapping or drag-and-dropping. In the case of winning a game, players need to tap the claim button to get coins and bonuses.


Bingo Blitz is a very nice game to play. It's fun, relaxing, and colorful. It has everything you are looking for in a game. It is always nice when you are able to win something. This game has that, but it also has a lot more. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to play tabletop games. I hope you'll enjoy it!


  • Free
  • Relaxing
  • Exciting
  • World Class.


  • Some people don't like to play Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games game
  • Sometimes the game freezes.


Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games
Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games
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