Explore the Open World with These Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Alternatives

  • 12-01-2023 |
  • Polad Aladi

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most beloved games ever made. It set a new standard for open-world gaming and spawned an entire genre of games that let players explore virtual worlds at their own pace. While GTA: San Andreas is still popular, there are many other games that offer similar experiences. Here are five of the best Grand Theft Auto alternatives worth considering if you're looking for a similar experience. 

Saints Row 2 

Saints Row 2 logo

Saints Row 2 is set in a fictional city called Stilwater, which has been ravaged by crime and violence after years of neglect by its government officials. Players take on the role of one of three gangs vying for control over Stilwater's streets, leading them into an all-out war against rival gangs and law enforcement alike. The game offers an expansive open world to explore, complete with side missions and activities to keep players busy when they're not fighting turf wars or stealing cars. With plenty of customization options available to customize your character's look, weapons arsenal, and vehicle collection, Saints Row 2 provides hours upon hours of entertainment as you battle your way through Stilwater's criminal underworld. 

Just Cause 3 

Just Cause 3 logo

"Just Cause 3" puts players in control of Rico Rodriguez, a special agent tasked with liberating the island nation Medici from its despotic dictator General Di Ravello by any means necessary - including blowing up just about anything that gets in your way. From soaring above Medici's gorgeous Mediterranean coastline on wingsuits to wreaking havoc across its rural countryside while driving tanks or flying helicopters; Just Cause 3 provides plenty of opportunities for destruction-filled fun thanks to its massive open-world environment and plethora of weapon choices, such as rocket launchers, C4 explosives and more. With tons of content like challenging missions and full story-driven objectives, it’s easy to understand why the "Just Cause" series remains so popular among gamers today even after almost 15 years since the original installment was released in 2005!  

Sleeping Dogs 

Sleeping Dogs logo

Sleeping Dogs players assume the role of undercover cop Wei Shen who must infiltrate Hong Kong’s criminal underground in order to take down the ruthless Triad organization known as “Sun On Yee” Along his journey Shen will face many dangerous situations, including shootouts hand-to-hand combat car chases much more As they progress through the game they will traverse bustling city streets discover hidden secrets unlock upgrades customize their characters (both aesthetically functionally) create chaos during chase scenes gain loyalty allies throughout vibrant yet seedy cityscape. Though originally released in 2012, this sleeper hit still holds up today, making a great alternative for those looking for something less cartoonish than some other titles list but no less exciting nonetheless.  

LA Noire 

LA Noire logo

LA Noire Set classic film noir era 1940’s Los Angeles LA Noire puts players' shoes Detective Cole Phelps attempts to unravel mysterious cases around town Players get a chance to investigate both political corruption and organized crime, trying to determine whether the suspect is innocent guilty. While doing so can expect to find themselves interrogating witnesses exploring scenes gathering evidence ultimately making tough decisions based on the information gathered. During the course, games also have access wide range of detective tools, such as fingerprinting photography analysis, plus a trusty partner to aid them at every step way. What makes the title stand out, however unique facial animation system used accurately captures the emotions of people being questioned and gives a realistic feeling of actually being there investigating yourself rather than simply playing a video game.   

Mafia II 

Mafia II logo

In Mafia II Taking place late 1940′s early 1950′s Mafia II tells the story of Vito Scaletta small-time mobster who works his way up the ranks and becomes a powerful don within the Corleone family. Along the journey, Vito must carry out orders for various members mafia pull off daring heists, fight rivals, protect territory engage in turf wars This action-adventure takes place in large sandbox-style cities where the main objective survive complete missions given bosses Each mission comes with different rewards money vehicles special items which can then used upgrade character improve stats equip better weapons, etc. All these elements combine to make thrilling experiences sure to entertain fans with lucrative lifestyle gangsters everywhere.