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Cat Goes Fishing is a game where you play as a cat that is fishing in the pond. The purpose of this game is to help the cat to catch as many fish as possible.

The game is very simple to play, you are controlling the cat with your finger, you are dragging the cat with your finger in the pond and then you release your finger to let the cat catch the fish.


You have to help the cat catch fish. The cat will catch fish for you, provided you throw the bait in the right direction. Throw the bait with the help of your finger. The cat will throw the fishing rod and catch the fish.


Cat Goes Fishing graphics are simple and cartoonish. They look like something that could fit into any casual game. The game has only one screen, but it looks like it could be extended to more screens in the future. There is nothing fancy in the game - only the fish swimming in the water and the cat jumping to catch them. But these graphics are functional and look nice.


Cat Goes Fishing replayability is average. The game is good but it is too simple and good only as a time-killer. There are some funny animations and funny cat sounds but the game is just too simple.


The game is not demanding on resources so it will run smoothly on basically any device. The cat is controlled by tapping on the screen. The game uses the accelerometer to determine if the device is in portrait or landscape mode. If you want to see your cat catch fish try to tilt your device.


Cat Goes Fishing is a funny and entertaining game. It is a simple casual game with funny graphics and sounds. The game has a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get a hang of it, you will have a lot of fun. The game's replayability is limited, but it is a good time waster.



  • Free
  • Beautiful images
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Simple but fun.


  • The small size of the game
  • The game is too short.


Cat Goes Fishing Cat Goes Fishing
Cat Goes Fishing
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